10 Rules for Writing “About Me” Pages for Photographers

Have you built a portfolio website to showcase your photography works? That’s great!

Now you need to add a finishing touch to your website – you need to write a compelling bio and place it on the “About Me” page. You should present yourself in the most positive light to make people want to hire you.

Are you looking for some writing tips? We’ve got you covered. Follow these ten rules, and you will create a perfect “About Me” page.

Write about your passion

Is photography your biggest passion in life? Find the right words to explain it to your clients. Tell a story about how you started your career and write about the things that inspire you to develop your photography skills.

Your task here is to convince your website visitors that you truly love what you do and that you are dedicated to every project you work on. If you complete this task successfully, you will land good commercial photography jobs with ease.

Specify your field of expertise

Not every user who visits your website can quickly understand what photography niches you work in. For instance, if there are lots of wedding photos on your site, it might be unclear for people whether you offer services other than wedding photography or not.

The “About Me” page must include a full list of niches you work in. It will help you to enhance communication with your clients and avoid possible misunderstandings.

Describe your background

How long do you work in the photography industry? Do you have work experience in related niches? Answer these questions to provide your prospective clients with basic information regarding your background.

In case if you have just started your photography career, you can write about how your previous non-photography experience. Just make it sound relevant to the services you currently offer.

Let’s say you worked as a kindergarten teacher for five years, and now you are trying yourself in kids photography. You can write that previous work experience makes you a great photographer because you can get along with children of any age and know how to make photo shoot go smoothly.

Talk about your accomplishments

Did you get a prestigious photography award? Did your works appear in reputable journals? Don’t hesitate to specify your accomplishments in your bio.

This information will help you convince your prospective customers that your photography services are worth a high price. That’s the case when you need to boast a little to promote yourself.

Screenshot source: https://www.willellisphoto.com/

Use your sense of humor

You are a photographer, not a broker or accountant. So please, don’t make your bio sound too formal. Use your sense of humor to create a killer “About Me” page that will stand out from the pack.

Since most people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, they look for photographers who have a nice sense of humor and high communication skills – a person who can put them at ease and take great shots. So if you show your website visitors that you are a fun person to be around, they will be more likely to use your photography services.

Add keywords

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website and boost your marketing efforts? Write a copy for the “About Me” page with SEO in mind. Find photography-related keywords and integrate them into the text naturally.

In such a way, you will help search engine crawlers to find your website and make it visible on the web.

Don’t know what keywords to add? Use keyword research tools like Ubersuggest and Google Keywords Planner to find out what search queries that are popular in your niche. Opt for keywords with the highest volume and the lowest competition – it will positively influence your website ranking.

Write in plain English

Some photographers believe that if they write everything in sophisticated language, it will help them stand out. But the truth is most people don’t understand (or simply don’t want to waste time trying to understand) photography jargon and sophisticated words.  So the best decision here is to use plain English and keep the writing simple.

Add bullet lists

If you want to list some fun facts about yourself, or list your professional accomplishments, consider using bullet points. It will improve the readability of the text and make your “About Me” page easy to scan through.

Try to keep each bullet point at approximately the same length. That will make your list look more visually appealing and engaging.

Screenshot source: https://mattellisphoto.com/about

Be brief

An “About Me” page should present only key information about your persona. So don’t go into detail describing your personal and professional achievements. Focus on information that adds value to your audience, and forget about the rest.

Basically, the shorter your bio will be, the more likely your website visitors will read it. Yep, modern users are busy people, and they consume only those tiny pieces of content which are easy-to-digest.

Proofread it

Are your grammar skills as high as your photography skills? No? Make sure to proofread the text for your “About Me” page – correct typos and spelling errors before clicking the “Publish” button.

If you skip the proofreading step, you will not make a good impression on your website visitors. Poor grammar will be a reason for your clients to doubt your professionalism and credibility.

Wrapping it up

Your website will not be complete without a well-written “About Me” page. If you haven’t added this page yet, you should do it right now.

Follow these ten rules, and you will write a perfect bio and present yourself to your target audience in the most compelling way.

Linda Ferguson is dedicated to research and writing in a number of fields such as Big Data, digital marketing, and sales. The texts she writes are always informative, based on qualitative research but nevertheless pleasant to read. In her spare time, Linda is a botanist and enjoys reading popular fiction literature.

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