12 Ways to Boost Your Personal Productivity

When it feels like you have not enough time to spend on your own priorities or some important things, then it’s time to challenge your time management skills to be better.

Time management is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need the right passion regarding some certain tasks for you. Unless you would not be able to manage time as per your schedule.

It is ok not to be good at time management. Nobody can be better from the beginning. Through some learnings and experiences, your time management skills can be better in time.

Basically, the simple thing to improve time management is smart work and self-consciousness.

But what does that mean by smart work?

Here I shared the most effective and easy to do 12 smart time management tips and tricks, that can make you a better achiever.

  1. Organize your office room: The bunch of files and papers spread around your desk can kill your mood easily. Researchers have shown that a clean and minimalist environment can boost our mood and energy. That can impact our lives pretty well. So clean and organizing your working environment can be a good decision for your productivity.
  2. Don’t be a multitasker: Do not get confused between multitasking and productivity. Multitasking is not productivity. It can harm your attention span. Multitasking for a long time can make you irritated and tired. Without a good mood and attention span, you would not be able to focus on your goals. So at your work, try to focus on only one task at a time.
  3. Do what you love to do: When it comes to giving that much energy to your work, you must have passion or desires for that. If you do not like your work or task, it will be tough for you to focus and continue the task. no matter what. So before engaging yourself in a work, ask yourself if you like it or not.
  4. Give your task a goal: Without a destination, your journey might be a collapse in the middle of the way. So before starting your work, make sure you have some great goals in the end. Setting some great goals will trigger your emotion and energy toward your destiny. You need to see every little achievement of you as a goal.
  5. Reward yourself for every achievement: You have to stay motivated on whatever you are doing. So do not forget to reward yourself after achieving a milestone. Big or small, you should give yourself a reward for everything. So never forget to celebrate your achievements to stay hungry for another one.
  6. Complete the most dreaded tasks first: Researchers have shown that people have the highest energy at the beginning of the day. If you drain that energy with all the simple tasks you have, the most difficult one can be a challenge for you at the end of the day. So try to complete the most dreaded tasks in the morning. It will make the day easier for you.
  7. Remove all distractions: For a peaceful working environment, you need to remove all distractions in the room. Unnecessary phone calls, notifications can be a serious distraction for you. It can break your working flow and divert your mind in another subject. So try to reduce distractions as much as possible.
  8. Use time management tools: In case eliminating distractions is hard for you, you can use time management or productivity tools for that. But before using any tool for you, you need to know your needs first. Every tool has its own pros and cons. So you need to find tools that actually match your day to day needs. So get the proper details of your tools before getting it.
  9. Learn to say “No”: You have to be possessive about what you are doing. A person can not do all the things at the same time. You need to make time for different tasks that matter to you. So if anything comes in the middle of you and your tasks, you need to say “NO”. It might be tough in some cases, but you could not deny the benefits of it on your productivity and goals.
  10. Get enough sleep: When it comes to a fresh and healthy mind for your work, you can not deny the sleep’s benefits. There are lots of studies shown that the quality of sleep can majorly affect our moods. So never ever forget to take a good quality of sleep to improve your mood and energy. It is also good for your brain and physical health.
  11. Listen to soothing music: Obviously, distractions should be less in the working place. But sometimes a little bit of music playing in the background can make your mood well. Of course, it does not mean that you should have to start to play heavy rock in your workplace. Just try some soothing instrumental rhythm that can add peace to your mood. Try to listen to only music without a voice, it can be really helpful for you.
  12. Listen to podcasts of your subjects: Listening to podcasts when you drive a car, cleaning home or cooking can actually make you smart, not joking! Listening to podcasts can improve your knowledge. It also helps to increase attention span as well. When it comes to getting rest and spending some free time, listening to podcasts on your interested topics is a great decision.

Time is the strongest ladder that can lead you to your success. You just need to keep the focus on your goal and climb it sincerely. Then you will be able to achieve almost every milestone you desire.

All these suggestions are organized by several types of research and studies done by scientists and teams across the world. Adapting all these tips and tricks can be a great decision for your goals at any age you are in.

Do you already do any of these tricks? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below!

Inspired by the book ‘The Rules of Work’ and his experience working at some of the top global brands such as Unilever and Samsonite. Shivank undertook a mission to bring in fact based, non-bullshitty career advice which helps the millennial workforce grab more opportunities and grow faster in their career. He documents this journey on his blog about the challenges faced by him and his colleagues on a day to day basis. Check him out on OfficeProductivity.com.

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