3 Sweat Ways to Build a Good Remote Team

Business is always changing and there are always new business trends that are materializing and gaining popularity. One big way that business has changed in recent years is the growth of remote work. More and more people are working remotely and the industry has experienced massive growth over the last decade and a half.

While some people might want to point out everything wrong with being a digital nomad or remote worker, the flexibility and work-life balance it offers you can be incredible.

Remote work can be great and beneficial for both the employer and the employee, as well. However, not everyone is right for a remote team. It can be difficult to find the right people and have the right structure for a remote team. With that in mind, let’s look at a couple of no-sweat ways to ensure you build a good remote team.

Use the Right Hiring Tools

The first step to building a good remote team is hiring the right people. However, if you are hiring remotely, you are likely interviewing and considering people from across the country, or even the world. Not only is this a lot of manage, but it can also take a lot more effort than simply having all applicants come to your office for an interview.

Using tools like applicant tracking systems can help ensure you can manage applicants and track their information. If you want to learn more, this ATS software explanation can be a big help.

In addition to using tools and technology to hire the right people, the tools and tech used can also impact how the remote team works together. You need to provide them with the tools, technology, and apps necessary to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Culture is Important

A big part of succeeding as a company is having a strong company culture where everyone is on the same page and dedicated to a common goal. It also defines how people work and the environment that they work in. Unfortunately, distance and space between workers can make maintaining this culture difficult. 

You need to do all you can to pass this company culture on to your remote workers so they can feel involved and connected. Instill the culture in everything you do from meetings to conversations, to guidelines and everything in between. Keeping everyone (even remote workers) aligned with your company culture can only have positive results.

Keep Everyone Updated

When things happen or change at the office, everyone knows about it immediately. Unfortunately, those who are working remotely are often kept out of the loop on certain things. If you want your remote team to be productive, you need to keep them just as updated as you would with physical employees.

Sharing daily updates in the group chat or Slack channel, updating everyone in weekly meetings and things like that are a must if you have a remote workforce. This will keep everyone on the same page. Working towards a common goal, and not leave anybody confused about what is happening. Sharing daily updates in your communication app or Slack channel, updating everyone in weekly meetings and things like that are a must if you have a remote workforce. Keep everyone on the same page and working towards a common goal.

Even if there is no big news or changes to mention, be sure to communicate with your remote team often. This could be a daily check-in, a weekly one-on-one Skype call, or any number of other ideas that you might have.

Building a remote team is important. We hope that the tips in this blog post can help you build the best remote working team possible.

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