6 Reasons To Join Content Writing Course in 2020

The official definition of content writing is “creating that form of writing which appears on websites that are designed to sell or promote a specific product.” It involves the process of planning, writing and editing web content, typically for digital marketing.

So next time you type “white shoes”, and Google pops up with all the white shoes to match your requirements, keep in mind that these are not some random texts that you are reading, rather they have been specifically designed after a lot of brainstorming, processing and technical warfare.

So, why not become a content writer yourself? If you have a flair for writing and you want to hone your skills to create great web content that big businesses seek, content writing is the course for you in 2020. The reasons are more and multiple but here are the top 6 reasons why you should join a content writing course in 2020:

Opening Career Opportunities Worldwide

There’s no denying the fact that more and more business houses are investing in getting great content for their products and services. So content writing has become the most sought after type of digital writing in 2020 and it will only grow in years to come. So taking up and completing a content writing course opens a whole world of opportunities for you. You can be writing content for brands, blogs, and articles, screenplays for videos, as well as content for specific platforms like Twitter or Reddit.

Voicing the Brands

So now as we know it, content is the voice of the brand. This brand can be a blogger, a company, or an institution, and you can be one of them or one associated with them. 

The content created for digital marketing is meant for mass communication. The purpose is actually to identify the target audience, understand their basic informational need, and then create writing meant to educate, entertain, or inspire, and them and meet their needs. 

A Source Of Supplementary Income during Covid19

Millions of people across the globe have faced professional stigma due to the terror of coronavirus and subsequent lockdowns announced in various countries. Those who managed to survive their jobs suffered substantial pay cuts. In these trying times in 2020, content writing was one of the few industries that provided part-time and full-time employment to many. It served and continues to serve as a source of additional income to students, bloggers, working professionals and many more. So joining a content writing course in 2020 equips you with an additional skill that can come quite handy in these difficult times when so many other industries are struggling to survive. As a content writer, you can make money by creating high-quality relevant content.

Growth of Digital Marketing 

The digital marketing landscape changed completely in 2019-2020. Do you know 

Consumers now expect fast, relevant, easily accessible, and valuable information on their favorite products in just about every online format.

Online content has become more important as Google is developing a more sophisticated understanding of the same. So there is an ever-growing demand for highly skilled content writers who can provide these marketers with high quality and precise content, and a content writing course teaches you that.

Work From Home is the New Normal 

Though the lockdown has almost been lifted, companies are still reluctant to let employees inside the offices due to COVID 19 fears, therefore, WFH may be the new normal for some time to come. So the writer in you, who was dormant during the previous normal may start raising his witty head during the new normal. Don’t suppress or ignore him like you have been doing, rather pamper him with a content writing course. Add to that the advantage of getting to do that without disrupting your work. Who knows, you can be the next Content king! ( or Queen)

You Become a Writer and a Better One

Of course, you are gifted and have a passion for writing and all, but digital marketing and digital content writing requires more. Your writing skills need to be polished and you need to learn the technical part as well when you are writing for brands,  as your writing needs to generate business for them. So by joining a content writing course, you

  • get a clear understanding of content writing, content marketing and copywriting
  • you understand and identify your target audience and create a buyer persona
  • your content will lead to conversions and sales
  •  you will understand how the SEO works and the On-page and Off-page practices
  • even if you are freelancing, you will be able to create inspiring solid blogs that will connect with your readers and they will, in turn, be happy to share.


  1. Which mode of a content writing course is better— online or classroom?

Ans. Both the modes have their advantages and you have to decide according to your work schedule, workload, and practical convenience. The classroom methods are way more interactive if you have that kind of time to join it while the online virtual classrooms provide flexibility and vast opportunities because you can connect with students across anywhere.

  1. Do you need any prior experience in writing before joining a content writing course?

Ans. You need a passion and love for writing, and the course will teach you the basic skills and the technical aspects, like SEO, WordPress, and different styles of writing.

  1. Is the content writing course beneficial for students?

Ans. Yes, it is, as it strengthens their vocabulary, hones their writing skills, and opens a new world of career opportunities for them. Not just students, this course can be beneficial for retired professionals, housewives, aspiring writers, and bloggers as well.

  1. What are the different opportunities available after completing the course?

And as a certified content writer, you can write content for blogs, websites, articles, stories, newspaper articles, brochures, training modules, and so on. You can be a web content writer, freelancer, Creative content writer, blogger, or a Scriptwriter.

Sudha Agarwal, a fashion designer by profession and trying to be a writer by passion. She believes that of course, there are a lot of imperfections in this world and the job and skill of a writer therein lies in creating a perfect piece of writing by weaving those imperfections. She strives for that and it gives contentment to her soul.

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