An Ebook Marketing Guide for Self Publishers

If you’re one of the thousands of talented wordsmiths out there that has decided 2019 will be the year that you finally get your wise words down on paper, then read on. With so many people self-publishing these days, it’s easy to find plenty of information and advice about how to put pen to paper. But what happens when your book is done?

Well, you need to start marketing it so that you can sell a few copies. Then you can refine your approach, enhance your marketing, and hopefully, you’ll have the next online best seller on your hands. Take a look at the following pieces of advice, and you’ll have everything you need to get your new project off the ground, and in front of the eyes of millions of avid readers.

The best marketing material is an amazing book

Nothing is easier to market than an amazing book, so this should always be your primary focus. With all the talk of the money to be made from self-publishing, it can be all too easy to lose sight of what really matters. It’s your passion for the printed word that will make the difference, and it’s why you started your project in the first place. Of course, you want to earn a living doing it (who doesn’t) but you need to pick a subject and a niche that you’re passionate about.

Just remember, no matter how good your marketing efforts are, they won’t be able to compensate for a lousy manuscript. Focus on what you do best, and don’t let marketing consume you.

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Remember, people really do judge books by their covers

Having a cover professionally designed is really important. Despite being told not to for centuries, people really do judge books by their covers. You might think that you only want true book lovers to buy your book, so this point doesn’t matter, but that’s a serious mistake. Every other self-publishing author is having a professionally made front cover used as their eBook’s thumbnail. This means that your homemade effort is going to look out of place, and stand out for all the wrong reasons.


Tweet teasers to catch the eye

When you decide to self publish, that’s often the easy part. If you want to really get your words out there, then you’re going to want to get them all over social media. Twitter is great for this because the character limit forces you to keep it short and sweet. This makes it ideal for piquing the interest of your followers.  You can also check out social media content study on how to write the best content for your audience.


Choose quotes, make some good image quotes, and get people excited about what they’re going to find. You can even add in a link to your eBook so that people can get it right there and then if they want to. Just don’t spam people with endless sales tweets. All that will do is make people switch off from what you have to say, and make them far less receptive to buying your eBook.

Understand the difference between selling, and marketing

Take a look at online businesses, they use a whole host of different marketing techniques to get their brand out there. That’s because it’s not all about hitting one area as hard as you can. It’s about spreading your net far and wide so that you get yourself in front of loads of different target demographics. If you really do it the right way, you’ll start popping up everywhere your audience goes, and they’ll have little choice but to give in to temptation and buy your latest work.

You’re not trying to sell at all costs here, you’re simply trying to spread the word about a great new book that’s come out. Do it in a persuasive manner by all means, but stop short of calls to action that say overly sales-orientated things such as ‘buy now limited availability.’

Give away free copies to create a little bit of a buzz

Free copies of physical books cost money, but in the eBook world, they’re basically free. Offer free copies through competitions on social media, and something interesting will happen. Not only will the winners redeem their free codes straight away; the people who took part in the competition and were unlucky are also very likely to get their own copy. Exactly what you want to see when you’re trying to kickstart your marketing campaign.

Budget for paid ads so that you can take things to the next level

Self-publishing on Amazon is something that thousands of people do every year, which is good news and bad news as far as your sales go. Whilst it means you’re using a mature platform to get your words out there to the masses, it also means it’s getting ever more easy for them to become lost in the crowd. Saving for paid ads, particularly on Facebook, is a great way to target the right people. Segment your advertising lists, and iteratively home in on the people most likely to buy a copy from you.


Keep writing your next book, so you always have plenty in the creative pipeline

Keeping yourself busy during the marketing phase is essential for two reasons. One: you’re not a marketer at heart — you’re a writer. Keep exercising your passion, and don’t let the new and exciting world of online marketing consume your every waking hour.

Secondly, when your eBook really starts to take off, people will inevitably start asking you where the sequel is. If you have nothing in the pipeline it could be months before you publish again, by which time people will have had the heads in potentially dozens of other books. Keep up the momentum, and write regularly all year round.

Be positive about what you’re trying to achieve

One of the final things to remember is to be positive. These types of projects aren’t dead certs to go viral the moment you click ‘publish’ so don’t be surprised if things take a while to get moving. It’s all part of the learning experience, and it will really help you understand the process of self-publishing.

Network with other self-publishers, and learn from their experiences

You’ll also need to give some thought to the pros and cons. This isn’t to try and dissuade you from self-publishing, more to give you a better idea of the work that it entails. After all, you want to make a success of it, don’t you? A great way to do this is by networking with your fellow self-publishers. Don’t be shy, get involved and start connecting. You’ll be amazed at the new outlooks and pieces of advice that will be on offer if you just ask the right people.

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