How to Engage and Sell Using the Social Media Platforms

Knowing how to engage and sell using social media platforms is a must if you want to boost your business remarkably. Social media platforms are now an integral part of many people from any generation. 

People choose their favorite social media platform based on several factors such as age, interests, straightforwardness of the platform, etc. But one thing is for sure: no matter the type of social media platform that you use for your business, there are enough users that you can attract and engage. 

Considering social media platforms for promoting your business is inevitable these days. After the spread of the Covid-19, more people prefer to shop online and more businesses are moving toward online sales instead of in-stores.

For selling online, you need to have a user-friendly website with SEO standards. Or, you can sell online on different social media platforms. Search and find the best social media platform for your business, learn the best tips on how to engage your audience, and sell your products or services effectively. 

Engage and Sell Using the Social Media Platforms

So, if you are looking for the best ways to engage and sell using social media platforms, you have chosen the right article to read. 

1. Choose the Best Platform for Your Niche

So, the first step is to decide about the social media platform that you want to promote your products or services. Choosing all the social media platforms may not be beneficial as not all platforms may suit your niche. In addition, managing each social media platform requires different strategies which require you to invest time and, of course, money, to hire specialists.   Therefore, instead of spending time and money to employ different social media specialists, it is smarter to see which social media platform works best for your business. 

But how should you make this decision? The answer is through the demographics of your target audience, and the level of friendliness of the social media platforms. You should consider the age, profession, hobbies, interests, and even the geographical location of the users of the platform. On the other hand, if you have a serious business that you cannot add fun to it in any way, it may not be a good option to choose Instagram for promoting your business. 

If you want to choose Instagram as the social media platform that suits your business, you can use a social monitoring tool to automate many tasks on your Instagram business account. You can do some mass follow and mass unfollow on Instagram to gain more real followers. In addition, you can try a 1000 free Instagram followers trial to organically grow your follower base. 

2. Create a Business Account

Having chosen the best social media platform, you should create a business account. A business account shows that you are a professional business and it gets easier for your audience to trust you. Then, you need to add a suitable profile photo that represents your brand, a cover photo on some social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and a bio description with a link to your website or other social media platforms. Remember that social media platforms usually have a character limitation for bio description. So, be concise and to-the-point.

3. Produce Interactive Content on a Regular Basis

To start your job on social media platforms, you need to create a detailed content plan. All your posting on the social media platform that you have chosen must be based on the content plan on a regular schedule. So, you should predict and create all the content that you want to post in a week or a month in advance. This way, you will not miss a day to post and you will always be there on the feed of your audience. 

As you want to engage your audience, your content has to be original, creative, and interactive. Keep in mind that by content we mean both visual and textual content. So, both of them may need to be produced regarding the social media platform that you choose. 

But, how to produce interactive content? The solution is easy. Considering the demographics of your audience and the analytics of your account, you can easily realize which kind of posts your audience has interacted with the most. Then, based on the data, you can optimize your content plan for the coming weeks. 

However, your engaging social media content plan should include a range of various subjects. For instance, it should include informative posts, entertaining posts, promotional posts, inspirational posts, tutorial posts, reposts, and retweets. This is how you can engage your audience using the content you post.

4. Establish Your Online Presence

You need to establish your online presence and build your network if you want to lead your social media platform to engagement and sales. You can establish your online presence through clear goals. 

One way to attain an online presence on social media platforms is to have a social media content plan. In addition, following the latest trends from the influencers in your industry as well as your competitors, you can keep your account always up-to-date. People like to follow accounts that are in line with the latest trends. Therefore, you can engage your audience and attract a new audience by using this strategy.

Moreover, you should know that leaving comments and messages unanswered is against your efforts to preserve your online presence. As a result, you should reply to the comments and messages as quickly as possible.

5. Use Your Audience as Your Brand Ambassadors

74% of buyers get influenced by the word of mouth. This data shows that time has changed and people do not just buy something because they have seen it on the TV or the highway billboards. Instead, they are more likely to buy something that their friends or relatives have recommended them to buy. 

So, if you cannot spend money on making a partnership with the right influencer in your niche or pay for paid ads, think of your audience as the brand ambassadors for your business. But how? You can ask your audience to mention two or three of their friends under your post if they want to take part in your social media campaign, contest, or giveaway. This strategy not only gains you more audience but also increases the engagement and reach of your post. 


To have an effective social media marketing strategy, it is enough that you adopt the strategies above for your business. If you keep up with your goals and try to achieve them consistently, you can get more engagement and sales through your social media platforms. Wish you the best of luck!

I am Parichehr Parsi, a born writer, and a freelance copywriter in the fields of travel, fashion, and Instagram marketing. I currently write for SocialPros, Realtormate, DMpro, and online magazines in Italy and I love reading, writing, and researching. Find me on LinkedIn!

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