Freelance Resume: How to List Freelance Work on Your CV

Resumes and cover letters are the most important assets during your job search. And it is extremely important to draft them accurately to get a good job. Your resume speaks on behalf of you to the hiring manager about your skills, achievements, experience, etc. and makes your resume stand out from the rest of the applicants. You need to follow some basic tips to market your freelance writing online as well. Also, your CV needs to be accurate to get potential clients for yourself.

Freelancers and self-employers often find listing their career profile and work experience more challenging than others because of various employers and tie-ups they had in the past. It is important for freelancers to grab the client’s attention through their CV for an effective job search online. You need to follow a few E-mail marketing strategies to market yourself online. So if you are a freelancer or applying for side employment, learning how to list your freelancing work on your CV is extremely important. 

If you are searching for freelance IT jobs in USA or looking for something more along with your full-time/part-time employment, you surely need some skills to show your hard work and hustle on your resume. And doing so is easy when you know the right way. So in this blog, we will discuss how freelancers can list their work on resume the right way to attract more clients. 

Format of the resume

Freelancers for a start should always be more specific while choosing the format of their resume. Yes, you read that right. Choosing an appropriate format helps you organize your resume in a way that highlights the specific information of your job profile. 

Freelancers should always make sure they create a resume in a functional format that highlights their skills and achievements rather than a chronological format that usually provides more space for work experience. 

A resume that is written in a functional format always helps freelancers to highlight all the skills that a freelancing job requires so that a client gets convinced about your performance and work quality. Always remember that your clients are more interested to know about your skills and talents rather than your school, college, and university details. So make sure you create a resume in the functional format if you are applying for freelancing jobs. 

Make a list of all the important details

Do not start writing a resume directly. You need to have a plan for what you want to include. So before you start your resume, you need to list down all the important things you wish your client should know to get yourself the opportunity. So begin with that. You will need to include: 

  • Skills: Your clients always need to know both your hard skills and soft skills while hiring a freelancer. So make a list of all your skills that you want to write in your resume to convince the employer that you are the perfect candidate. 
  • Achievements: Your employer always wants to know what you have achieved in the past to make sure that you will be able to help them achieve their target goals. So you need to make a list of your achievements that are relatable to the position you are applying for. 
  • Educational details: You do not need to exaggerate your educational accomplishments, but need to include educational qualifications that are directly or indirectly related to freelancing job you are applying for. 
  • Experiences: Your recruiter always needs to know about the various organizations you have worked for to help them make sure that you are productive and have delivered your work on time to your employers. So make a list of all the important projects you did in your career. 

Now that you have a list of important details you want to include in your resume, you have your keywords ready. Keywords are basically the words that recruiters search online for finding desired clients and also look for at first glance in your resume. Including the topics mentioned above as headings with appropriate sub-heading will get you searched more frequently on online job portals. 

Resume writing

You now know what your client should know about you, and so it’s time to include it in your resume. You need to have separate sections and headings for every important information like personal details, skills, achievements, etc. The two most important sections in any resume, including the freelancer’s resume, are skills and experience. Skills and expertise help you to convince what you can do for a client.

Apart from that while writing a freelance resume, you will need to 

  • Give yourself a title depending on your niche or job search.
  • Be specific about opportunities you are ready to welcome.
  • Highlight your best project in your resume.
  • Keep your portfolio ready. 
  • Be organized with your samples. 

Maintain your uniqueness

While writing a freelance resume, you need to make sure that you don’t just mention the skills that everyone has. You need to mention skills that are different from the rest of the applicants in some or the other way.  For example, if you are looking for freelance jobs in USA, you don’t need to highlight common skills like Microsoft office, analytics, programming, etc. You need to be more specific and different because, as a freelancer, your client needs more assurance about your capability than the rest of the employers. So it always has to be different and unique to attract the best opportunities. 

Add your work samples

Depending on your work profile, make sure you add your work samples like a link to your blog, social media feeds, Shutterstock portfolio, or any other medium where you have shared your work with the target audience. This will help your client understand more about your skills and knowledge.

Update your Resume

As a freelancer, you probably need to make different resumes for different job applications. Yes, I know that’s too much. But to make this easy, you need to figure out what type of jobs and clients are your main focus. Once you know this, before applying for a job, check what skills the client has mentioned in the job description and then match them with your mentioned skills. Using appropriate headings and subheadings for skills and qualities in your resume will help you get that opportunity easily.

Initially, it might seem a little difficult, but once you get familiar, this task will soon become easier. You will understand what kind of resume you need to make according to your freelance work. So create a two-three resume templates in advance and update them with what your client is looking for while searching for freelancers. 


So to list your freelance work the right way, you need to understand the job offer accurately and the required skills. Make sure you have used those skills at least once or develop a better understanding of them. It would help if you also mentioned your biggest achievements through freelancing. List your achievements through bullet points to attract the attention of the client.

Also, add your work samples, if possible. Keeping ready various resume templates will help you to be more flexible and maintain accuracy in your job applications. So now that you know a lot about freelancing resume go! Update things you missed out and begin your job search immediately. 

Eric Lyons is a PR strategist and writer at ITJobsList, with extensive professional management experience in the public and private sector. He likes reading about motivation and psychology. As well he studied marketing in university and special classes.

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