How to Become a Freelance Web Developer

If you are done with your nine to five job, then it is time to explore freelancing options. Becoming a freelancer in any field is a fascinating option to grow your career with various opportunities. It can be a great way to boost your career your way and be your own boss. There are some freelancing skills you need to master first to get into any freelancing profession. Besides, to become a freelance web developer, you also need to learn technical skills.


If you are afraid to start — fret not! More than 7 million people are learning web development on Udemy, so you are definitely not alone on your journey. You may plan out and consider taking small steps towards freelancing to test the waters. On the other hand, you may dive straight into the freelancing world. There may not be a definite plan that can work for everyone, but the common pathway of professionalism will give you a definite gradual success.


The former approach will cushion your attempts in case you see a lack of success; hence it is a safe option. In contrast, the latter is full of risks and will be a sudden change for your career, which requires a lot of planning and considerations for bulletproof management.

Reasons to Become a Freelancer

Freelancing gives you the ultimate freedom to work around your personal goals and implement your own rules. Here are some more reasons to become a freelancer,

Lead Your Way

With freelancing, you can be your own boss and lead your career to endless possibilities. Being a freelance web developer will be a great title for you without anyone hovering over you and nitpick every single thing that you do.

No Office Politics

Freelancing eliminates unnecessary office politics from your work environment. This will help you to perform better as your energy is focusing on the work and delivering projects.

Have Full Control

When choosing to freelance, you have full control over your work, schedule, projects, and clients. Moreover, you will not be answerable to anyone and work without the hectic discussions for making decisions.

Time Management

Freelancing has deadlines depending upon the client you are working with. However, you pick your own work hours and may be able to sneak in breaks whenever required. A freelancer can manage working hours better without the strictly set rules, such as dedicated office hours.

Pick Projects

You will be able to pick your own projects and deliver them as per your skills. Moreover, you can say goodbye to any forced or boring projects.

Work from Anywhere

Freelancing eliminates the need to work in a regular office. This enables an individual to work from any part of the world. Besides, it is more comfortable to choose your own sweet spot to work.

Learn a Framework

It is important to have a full stack of the tool kit, including RSS reader, page monitor, coding tools, and front-end tools to be a professional developer. Whenever you begin to work on a freelance web development project, you need to have access to technical tools that will make your work easier. A considerable stack of paid and unpaid tools will create more professionalism in your work.


Besides, you may use Asana to track your projects and Quoteroller to send work-related proposals to potential clients. Google also has various online management tools that will smoothly manage your work. Moreover, you can use BillingsPro for invoicing and project management. There are numerous tools and applications that will make freelancing a cakewalk. 


Work on your freelance skills, so your services are unparalleled along with the technical know-how for the developers’ work. Also, note that some technologies are advanced and require more time to learn, so be patient and learn as you go. With more experience in the field, you will be able to learn new things. You may consider adding new skills and getting certified for various tools and frameworks to enhance your developing abilities.


Freelancing is all about constantly working on yourself and being disciplined to make it work. A comprehensive set of skills will help you decide the terms and conditions regarding all the projects. While learning the framework for developing, also take a look at how much it costs to develop an app, so you know what to charge.

Build an Impressive Portfolio

To get freelance web developing projects, you need to convince the client about your skills and why they should hire you. This requires a unique and impressive portfolio. Avoid copying and pasting your old cover letters, as they may become monotonous. Moreover, write fresh proposals and cover letters to send a customized portfolio for each new project.


Clients have specific needs and are looking for someone who knows how to fulfill them. Instead of talking about your previous works, talk about how you can solve your current issue, and deliver satisfactory work. Your current experience and skills are important, but they may not get the clients’ attention. So, begin with how you can help the client and then proceed with your credentials.


You may put up a portfolio for something new considering your old projects to gain some new experience. Make sure that you can show how you meet the requirements and can do an excellent job with other contributions regardless of the experience. 

Sign up on Freelance Platforms

Various freelance platforms, such as Elance, Freelancer, and Upwork, are quite user-friendly and have multiple projects and clients. DAAS is another platform to find freelance web development jobs. These include X-Team, Toptal, Crew, and more. You can create profiles on these platforms and get fun projects for freelancing. 


Besides, you may use micro-consulting platforms such as Codementor and Hackhands. These may not be that substantial; however, they may help you learn and experience more. 

Start Outreach

Network equals to networth for your freelance business. You may choose various social tools like Twitter and LinkedIn, to promote yourself. You can post a tweet about your offers and keep your LinkedIn resume updated to connect with potential clients. Moreover, connect with people in the same profession and join relevant groups. People who are seeking developers will contact you.


For local developing work, word of mouth by an old satisfied client may help you get new work. You may also sign up with some recruitment agencies to connect you to the employers. These may give you regular full-time jobs with remote work possibilities.


Furthermore, do not feel tempted to apply for all the jobs or reach out to everyone. Choose a small group of interesting projects to work on and excel in them. Select a particular niche that you find intriguing and can perform well. While choosing a project, look for the client rating, previous projects, and hire project ratio to be certain about the credibility.

Wrapping Up

Freelancing is hard work even when it is full of freedom and independence. You need an impressive portfolio, along with the knowledge to get some good projects. Besides, you need to be honest with your work as a web developer and show reliable results to the employer. 


Develop some rewarding remote work habits and be regular with deliveries and updates. You can build your own website and apps gradually along with investment in marketing for better opportunities. Learn how to hire a developer for a startup if you have too much on your plate, and you need an extra hand. 

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