How To Promote Your Freelance Services On Social Media

Due to the emerging technologies, freelancing opportunities have considerably increased over the past decade with the ongoing pandemic crisis driving enormous growth in remote freelance work. According to Forbes, the era of COVID-19 is considered the freelance revolution.

Out of necessity, employees have shed quite a few permanent jobs, which means that millions of people were forced to become self-employed. For them, the security of having deep ties to an organization has become a thing of the past.

Now, these ex-employees are looking at what to do and how to make it work as a business.

That’s a tough situation to be in, but video-conferencing tools such as Zoom and collaboration tools such as Slack have demonstrated that hundreds of different jobs can be done by anyone with a mobile phone or a laptop anytime, from anywhere.

The most important thing here is the ability to shift your mindset and prepare yourself for a more unpredictable future.

If you are a prospective freelancer who is ready to start a new career or a veteran freelancer looking for new avenues and already know what you want to do, defining your goals is the first step.

The next step is to make sure your freelancing business is legal. Once you’re all set, it’s time to boost your social media presence.

This article will share a few tips to help you engage your audience, amplify your content, and win over new clients.

But before we break down the things you should be doing on Pinterest or Instagram, let’s take a look at the top social media platforms and networks used by freelancers worldwide:

  • Facebook – a Facebook Business Page is a must for any freelancer who wants to build a strong social media presence. Today’s consumers expect all businesses to be on this platform, and your business shouldn’t be an exception.
  • YouTube – a platform that allows you to promote your services and connect with your audience through the video content
  • Instagram – a valuable tool for building your business’s identity and sharing ephemeral content that stands out visually
  • LinkedIn – the world’s largest professional network designed for reaching B2B prospects, but it also works pretty well for B2C
  • Twitter – this microblogging service is excellent for real-life updates
  • Pinterest – one of the best way to showcase your product if you are running an eCommerce business
  • Reddit – the best place to gain an understanding of what your niche audience is talking about
  • Quora – this platform can help you reach targeted audiences and establish authority in your industry by answering relevant questions

Many potential clients or customers will not hear about you and your services without a broad reach, but it doesn’t mean you should try to establish your presence through every social media out there.

For now, you can start with three or four platforms and see how it goes.

Keep Your Personal and Professional Accounts Separate

The chances are you already have personal Facebook and Instagram accounts, and these accounts should stay the way they are – separate.

Your prospective customers will not take you seriously if you start promoting your services from the same page where you’ve been posting your personal updates for years.

Image Source: Instagram

Today, people value authenticity, and it’s vital that you give your social channel a distinctive personal touch, but you have to remain professional.

Besides, social media platforms offer a wide range of marketing tools to make your business visible to thousands and thousands of people.

If you decide to start with Facebook, your steps would be:

Instagram ad creation is integrated right into Facebook Ads Manager so, to run ads on Instagram, you have to have a Facebook Business Page.

Use Consistent Logos, Images, and Hashtags


Image Source: DesignHack

Being consistent with your account information is necessary because it shows that you care about your audience and care about how they perceive your brand.

Make sure you use matching logos, icons, header images, photos, taglines, hashtags, and anything else that identifies you as a business. Not doing so will confuse your followers.

Social media users tend to have personal accounts on different networks. Whether it’s your ad on Facebook, your story on Instagram, or your video on YouTube, they should always recognize you as you.

Create and Share Engaging Industry-Adjacent Content

Ads can bring lots of people to your page, but social media is all about conversations. What are these people doing online? Are they interested in your services? What problems can they solve with your help?

Don’t drive your prospective clients and customers away by acting like a self-centered salesperson. Promoting your services on social media means sharing valuable content and staying connected with people, not just running ads and reposting articles.

Your content should be genuinely interesting for your audience.

A myriad of freelancers are earning money by doing graphic design, so let’s imagine that you are a graphic designer for the sake of this example.

Your followers won’t always be looking to hire you for a project. Still, they will be happy to learn about graphic design trends and get some valuable advice as well.

Posting comprehensive how-to guides, industry insights, and other useful information is a great way to position yourself as a figure of authority and uplift your credibility.

It is very important to disseminate your content, a content that does not reach the audiences is of no use. Email marketing is the best way to give your content the exposure that it requires. You can use free tools like sendinblue, constant contact etc. to send free emails.

Providing your audience with knowledge makes you a reliable source, and people will likely return to your page.

Use Photos and Videos to Illustrate Your Services and Keep Attention of Your Audience

Don’t underestimate the power of a good visual for illustrating your services and showcasing your work.

Image Source: Instagram

Just make sure you are using high-quality images and illustrations so that your content is always eye-catching and pleasant to the eye.

You can create custom illustrations for your freelance business with Adobe Illustrator or an Illustrator Alternative or a graphic design tool such as Canva.

Another type of content to consider for promoting your services is video content. Videos represent the top-performing type of content across social media, and you can achieve a lot by incorporating videos in your social media marketing.

A one – to three-minute video to illustrate your services does wonders for attracting your potential customers. The good news is that there are plenty of user-friendly video-making tools out there that you can start using right away:

  • Slidely Promo – the software is designed for creation of professional-like video ads, product videos, explainer videos, and much more – all optimized for the best online results
  • Write-on Video – an excellent tool for all storytellers who want to communicate their thoughts and ideas through video and engage their audience in the most effective way
  • Wave – with hundreds of beautiful video templates and endless amounts of stock clips, Wave is a real lifesaver for creative small business owners who want to connect with their audience authentically
  • Vyond – with the help of this online animation software, you can easily make stunning animated videos to illustrate any concept without requiring the ability to capture it on film

To reach a much wider audience, pick your channel keywords representing your business and use relevant keywords in your headline and video description.

Create a Schedule and Post Content Regularly

It’s important not to post too frequently because people don’t like being bombarded with too much information coming from the same business page.

Make each post count and make sure that there is no lack of consistency in the posting schedule.

This approach not only alters post visibility but also helps with gaining traction with search engines.

Most small businesses that promote their services on social media use scheduling software like Buffer or HootSuite to schedule updates in advance and efficiently publish their content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, all from one comprehensible dashboard.

Image Source: Social Talent

Publish diverse content to get a higher level of engagement with followers

Thinking about the variety of ways you can engage your target audience and finding the right fits is something you should consider when making a marketing plan.

People love visual content, and your visuals will always get more attention than written content alone. It would help if you always enhance it with photos, videos, infographics, or memes depending on the content.

You can also finish each of your posts with a question for soliciting some responses and attracting everyone’s attention. If the question is interesting, people usually read the replies and comments.

Take your questions further by conducting polls, creating quizzes, or even leading your community in a simple game or inviting them to join a challenge: for example, a thirty-day photography challenge.

Keep an Eye on Your Analytics

Social media platforms provide comprehensive analytics for any advertising you are running and for all your updates regarding your audience.

Do a weekly review of all the analytics you have to understand better how efficient your social media efforts are.

Image Source: Hootsuite

Pay extra special attention to the types of updates that are getting increased attention (polls, video posts, posts with infographics) and driving traffic from social media platforms to your website.

Use this information to adjust your strategy and get the results you want.

Final Thoughts

Running the paid promotions isn’t enough in today’s online environment. You also need to:

  • Create compelling content
  • Have consistent and engaging conversations with your followers and respond to their questions
  • Analyze user-generated content and react to it
  • Follow your competitors so you know their strong and weak sides
  • Implement analytic tools offered by the platforms

These are some of the ways you can become successful with promoting your freelance services on social media. Get started today, and we promise the time commitment is well worth it.

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