Tips on Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Writer Online

One of the best things to come out of the digital age is the more remote workforce. Many people are choosing careers which see them commuting no further than their bedroom to the office chair in the next room, but how are they doing this? For people, especially online freelance writers, the answer is good marketing. 

Here are some of the better tips that you can use in your marketing efforts as an online freelance writer: 

Give Yourself an Online Platform

Being an online freelance writer you need to make sure that your online platform is incredibly strong. Which, for first-time freelancers, means you have to give yourself a platform in the first place. This means setting up your social platforms, putting yourself out there and even creating a website (if you want to have the best outcome). 

Ideally, your platform will have multiple stages to be fully effective. This means lots of engagement on social media, traffic to your blog and therefore interest in your services. To achieve this, you will need to grow your audience on social media and generate traffic organically on your chosen web platform. Both require different strategies, so this is why you will need to create a multi-stage marketing plan in order to be fully effective as a freelancer.

Social Media Platforming 

Good ways to promote yourself via social marketing includes: 

  • Follow people you want to be like and learn from what they do. Sometimes it is as simple as that, as the more you learn from them the likelier you will find success to be! 
  • Fill out your profile; make sure people know who you are, what you do and where they can find your website. 
  • Be real and use a real photo, people will be much more likely to engage with you online! 
  • Marketing yourself 24/7 isn’t what anyone wants to see, so don’t do it. Instead, try to limit your self-promotion and provide helpful tips for other writers, share other opportunities and be an active member of the online community!
  • DON’T buy followers. It’s spammy and noticeable, so something to avoid at all costs in all marketing.
  • Don’t waste all of your time trying to make it ‘big’ on social media. Yes, it may help and you may strike lucky. But, there is no real guarantee and it’s important to know this going into the process. Social may or may not work for you, but you will have to try to find out! 

SEO/Website Platforming

Whereas, for SEO, you need to follow a few simple optimization techniques: 

  • Learn the basics of SEO keyword optimization. Even optimizing the main pages of your site could lead to a lot more traffic, so why wait! 
  • Write GREAT content. Okay, so you’re a budding freelance writer. Writing is what you do well. So, make sure that you apply this fantastic writing on your own site first and foremost. As the higher quality your content and the more you have, the better success you will find in SEO and on your website. 
  • Create unique, enticing, landing pages that will make people want to hire you! Highlight your strengths and give them all the information they need to make a decision. 
  • Make sure your theme (particularly on WordPress) is optimized. It needs to be fast, mobile responsive and follow good UX principles! The better your site performs, the better your SEO will be at driving traffic. Also, don’t forget about site analysis.

Ultimately, your presence online as a freelance writer is key to your success. So, make sure that you are doing everything you can to improve both your social and overall web presence. You can also check out VoyMedia, Facebook ads agency.

Keep an Up-to-Date Portfolio

Your writing is only as good as your last piece. The fact of the matter is that a full, comprehensive, portfolio is incredibly important for your online freelance writing career. As it gives people an idea of what your writing standard is, your competency level in certain niches and even factors like tone/style. 

A portfolio should ideally be housed on your own personal website, but there are plenty of writers who use ‘out of the box’ portfolio locations. For example, some people use their portfolio on Pinterest! Wherever you call your portfolio home, make sure that you update it regularly, give all of your best work priority and keep it organized for users to make the most of your talents! 

Find Community Connections

There are a lot of freelancers out there and it’s a mistake to think of them as your competition. No, instead you should be thinking about them as your allies. 

Ways to connect in the freelance community includes reaching out to people on platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook groups (Twitter and other social platforms also have varying success). Likewise, you can search for similar freelancers in your niche and reach out to them directly via their platform–more than likely a website. This direct approach doesn’t always work, but it could earn you some interesting connections when it does result in success.

A good community, it should be noted, can make up for any number of other shortcomings in terms of your freelancing efforts. So, don’t be afraid to branch out in this way. 

Seek Out Social Proof

Social proof is something that influences the buying process quite a bit. It’s simply other people saying, “Yes, I like this.” For freelance marketing, this often takes the form of reviews, but on social media platforms. Reviews outside of social media also work, but for the sake of this point, we’ll stick to those. 

These testimonials can be as long or short as your freelance customer likes, it’s the content that matters most. You can pin these to your social profiles, have them in a banner on your website and even have them in your email signature (if they are particularly good!). Here are some good ways to gain these social proofs: 

  • Send a survey out at the end of any project, giving people the option to leave a few words about your efforts. 
  • Ask for a testimonial on a specific platform; Twitter is a quick 140-character message and many people use this marketing platform. Just ask! 
  • Use LinkedIn, often people will endorse you on there and you can always request endorsements from specific people. 

It almost goes without saying, but the better your results and the more projects you complete, the more likely you are to grow your testimonials naturally. So do a good job and get plenty of projects completed to watch your social proof flourish! 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it is important to understand how your online presence and marketing can affect and improve your online freelance writing career. You need to have a good social presence, a website or portfolio of your work, and connections. Over time, your marketing should have an incredibly positive effect on your freelance writing career.

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