Engaging Social Media Content Ideas Freelance Writers Should Consider

As a freelance writer, you need to get your work out there to get the attention of audiences and potential clients.

Sure, you may have your own website, but it wouldn’t hurt to find more ways to get more eyeballs on your writing and land more freelance writing gigs.

So far, nothing beats turning to social media to grow your freelance writing business.

From its beginnings as a way for friends and families to stay in touch, social media has since become a potent business tool in its own right.

Countless freelance writers have already professed to finding clients through social media. There’s no reason you can’t do the same, especially when billions of people log on to several social media platforms every day.

Sooner or later, potential clients will come across your cleverly-written social media posts and contact you to do some work for them.

Of course, your social media strategy should always revolve around posting engaging content. Here are some social media content ideas to help you get started.

Share Your Finished Projects

As a freelance writer, we can assume that you have written content for clients in the past. How about sharing them on your social media accounts?

By sharing on social media bylined articles or on-page content you have written for past clients, you get to show potential clients your impeccable writing skills. Once they get an idea about your writing style, and they like it, they will likely have enough confidence in your abilities to consider hiring you for a future project.

You can even do one better and write anecdotes about how you got a specific gig and how smooth your collaboration with that client went.

Tap Your Followers’ Competitive Nature

One of the most effective ways of getting engagements from social media users is by challenging them to perform a specific task.

Challenging the followers you have may not exactly be a showcase of your writing skills, but it appeals to their competitive nature and keeps them engaged in your social media posts.

The simple task of asking them to caption a photo is a sure-fire way of drawing out the alpha competitors among your audience. They will do their best to come up with the most clever, creative, and even silly captions just to one-up everybody else. The more people participating in the comments, the more engagement and attention you get for your social media profile.

Your challenge posts could also include asking them to count cars of a particular color in a photo of heavy traffic or to answer a whimsical question like, “Who’s your favorite comic book supervillain and why?”

Post Quotes

People love quotes, especially ones that inspire.

It doesn’t matter if it’s from a famous person, a historical figure, a big name in your industry, or your mind. A quote will almost always do well on social media, allowing you to connect with your audience.

While using simple text to post your quotes is good enough, you can add a little more flavor to them by creating quote graphics. Many apps and software make creating quote graphics easier and quicker, so give them a try.

List Posts

Being a freelance writer, it’s probably safe to assume that you know a little something about the tricks—even hacks—of your trade. How about sharing some of them with your audience in the form of list posts?

Given how the world enjoys reading lists of any kind (online or otherwise), you might want to create list posts providing writing tips from time to time. Titles like “10 Ways To Write Better Marketing Emails” or “The 8 Most Common Grammatical Mistakes Even Good Writers Make” will definitely garner some attention on social media and educate your audience as well.

BTS Photos and Videos

Since you’re on social media, you might as well let people in by posting behind-the-scenes videos and photos that show you in action.

If you’re currently working on a project for a client, a time-lapse video of you going about it would be a cool way of showing your audience and potential customers how dedicated you are to your work. Photos of your workstation would also be great.

Share Content From Followers

Without a doubt, many of the people who follow you on social media have awesome posts of their own.

When you stumble upon any such posts, take it upon yourself to share them on your social media account. Don’t forget to reach out to the owner of the content and ask for permission to repost.

By sharing user-generated content, you’re showing your audience that you appreciate what they do as well, and your social media feed gets something fresh at the same time.

Share Industry News

As a freelance writer yourself, you will need to be up-to-date when it comes to the goings-on in your industry. So, keep up with freelance writing news by following industry blogs. Sharing them with social media audiences will also let them know that you are always on your toes when it comes to information concerning your niche.


You’re completely aware, as a writer, that even the greatest wordsmiths run out of words from time to time.

When you need to post content on your social media and writer’s block hits you, an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session should help bail you out. You get to provide one of the most engaging activities you can ever do on social media, too.

An AMA provides your audience with a chance to ask you questions that will help them get to know you better, among other things.


In a world as connected as the one we live in today, being in social media has become a requirement, especially if you have every intention of harnessing its power as a business tool. With a solid social media presence and engaging content, you are poised to take your freelance writing career to the next level.

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