5 Impressive Templates to Attract Top Talent on LinkedIn

There is no doubt that the most critical work for a company is to put together a team of capable employees, though it might look easy. The hiring process is too hectic and complicated and goes through various methods. Everyone who wishes to join your company comes well-dressed up, will converse with you quickly and intelligently, even if they are ugly these funny people try to get their unfortunate looks just to impress you.

By using all these tactics, they try to put up a show and prove themself superior to the others. All these things are beautiful, but it becomes tough for a recruiter to know what a person who is giving an interview is made of during the meeting. 

Instantly deciding whether the person is worth hiring, is an arduous process. Therefore, instead of classifying employees through the average prospective, what about to attract talent from social media from all over the world, which could become a new trend. Think about the benefits. People will deny their job offers just for the sake of working with you because working with you is more attractive for them. Employees will show up to you every day and will seriously become concerned about working with you. Admittedly, most of the companies will love to have this type of branding for their work environment. 

So to make our branding of this level and to find potential employees for the organization, we need to focus on a social media platform. To attract talent from social media from all over the world, and the platform we are looking for is LinkedIn. So that we can captivate the best of the best from our company’s profile. The following impressive templates need to be taken care of, which works as a Guide for Recruiters and helps in attracting people with your profile.

  • Create a compelling and manipulating LinkedIn profile and create goals accordingly.
  • You need to set up perfect examples with the help of your posts and content.
  • You need to find the top talent and candidates using search, groups, and recommendations. 
  • Strengthen up your network and influence the platform.
  • Promote and upgrade your job postings regularly. 

So now, let’s take up a tour to the world of LinkedIn and evaluate the following splendid templates to attract talent from social media for your organization, as LinkedIn works as a perfect Guide for Recruiter.

Establishing the goals of your organization and creating an influencing LinkedIn profile 

Getting together and forming a team of highly skilled professionals is prominent, but the work is not only collecting the employees. Moreover, if you have a clear and exact idea of what are your expectations or what qualities are you expecting from the employees, your process of hiring and recruiting becomes much smoother. This means you really need to start establishing your goals, and as you get a clear idea of what your expectations are, you can put together a team that is perfectly suitable for your organization. Moreover, to find the top talent for your organization, a few factors work as a Guide for Recruiters. These factors are:

  • Specialization
  • Execution
  • Experience

The most crucial part is that defining the top talent is being personal, depending on what post and qualifications you are hiring for. 

Setting up an example with your content and posts

As LinkedIn works as a Guide for Recruiters, it is essential for the page of the organizations to look as attractive as possible, to attract talent. As the main idea of an employee for which he goes to work is getting encouraged and motivated so that he can become creative. It’s not only the workplace culture, which brings the employees to work but also the reach and popularity of the organization which the employees have in their minds. Your strategy of choosing the process of developing your brand directly impacts the type of capable employees who join your organization. Therefore, you need to show off the specialties of your workplace and who it makes your workplace prominent, with the help of contents and posts you put up on your feed. You can also post visual content on your feed, to magnetize people to your organization. Many good times occur throughout the day, where you can click pictures related to the internal affairs of the organization. 

Finding top candidates using search, recommendations, and groups

For finding the top candidates, search only may not work as a very refined solution but is a good option. The search bar of LinkedIn is a potent tool and should not be taken for granted if you are probably looking to find the best talent all over the world. As most of the top skills keep on regularly updating their profiles along with providing their best samples of the work they have done earlier on their feed. This is not only the solution; therefore, they make their descriptions and headlines attractive and accurate. Also, they get themselves added to many groups of their work-related community so that they can interact with more people and can gain more recommendations. 

Strengthen up your network and influence the platform

When your profile is ready for the profile display, the next thing is to figure out how to attract talent from social media platforms. To complete this process efficiently, you should stop looking at LinkedIn as just another job search website because it works as a complete Guide for Recruiters. It also works as a medium to build up the brand of your company. It also works as a great tool to expand the outstretch of your job search. The best of the LinkedIn companies utilize their pages to display how considerable it is to work for them accurately. Moreover, rather than just looking for employees, your main aim is to find out the best talent from all over, and to do that advantageously, you need more than only one social media platform to reach the highest potential people. 

Keep on regularly promoting and updating your job postings

A good job description is just to file up the role, but a great job description attracts the world-class talent for the purpose. Some of the ways which can be used to haul up your job description are:

  • Using language which is clear and to the point.
  • Always add keywords to your job description.
  • Always be specific to the description you are giving.
  • Never ask for too much in a job description.
  • Always keep the job description short.
  • Always try to format your content provided in the job description.
  • Be transparent and don’t reveal every minute detail here.
  • Don’t forget to mention perks that would be provided by the organization.


The competition in the industry for getting a few highly knowledgeable employees is becoming more challenging day by day. For the sectors that are just working as start-ups, constructing a captivating brand can lead them to many trials and errors. Also, they will face a lot of problems in creating appealing content. But for finding and getting the best talent from all over the world, companies need to work hard, and LinkedIn works as the best platform to help them in this process.

Sharad Bhardwaj is a content analyst at SoftwareSuggest. He has experience in content marketing and has expertise in ATS & Payroll Software. In leisure time he likes to rejuvenate through playing cricket and listening to music. You can also find him on Linkedin.


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