The Ins and Outs of Being a Freelance Writer

Most freelancers are fascinated by the whole idea of being their bosses and or maybe working from home. As a freelance writer, you have unlimited potential and relay on creative talents by avoiding slaving away at a cubicle in the office all day.

For women, it even becomes more beneficial to practice freelance writing. As a mother, you get to be part of the daily lives of your kids, you know, the kind that takes their kids to the bus stop and even gets time to all always attend parent breakfasts and career days at school. Freelancing is a greater way of earning that extra cash and living from it. With the appropriate skills, anyone can be a freelance writer. You do not need a degree or even experience.

It is the perfect business for stay at home moms and any other person who feels like breaking the work ethic monotony.

Here are some insights on how you can become a great freelance writer

Research on freelance writing

Before kick-starting your career as a freelance writer, you should do your research extensively. Find other freelance writers out there, read their blogs, and check out writer websites online.

Through this, you can get great ideas before you officially begin your career in freelance writing. Learn more about the business, the types of jobs one can be required to do, or even how to write a blog post. Ask other freelance writers on the rates they use. Get more insight before you finally get on with it.

Figure out who you are

Figuring out who you are and what to write about is one of the biggest challenges faced by writers. Work on nailing your area of expertise and identifying your passion. This makes finding jobs tailored for your niche much easier.

Ask yourself questions like, What skills do you already have? What are you passionate about and obsessed about?

By knowing and understanding yourself, you can then come up with some minor rules to help lend your otherwise-loose day structure, like only writing at your desk and not any other place like your bed or couch.

When you can answer these questions appropriately, then you are on the path to where you rightfully belong.


For a freelance writer, the most significant thing to do would be to network with many people with the potential to either hook you up with jobs or hook you up with people with jobs. Create connections with editors from different firms.

With connections, getting jobs will not be much of an issue at all. All you need as an aspiring freelance writer is to network.

Practice writing

To be a successful writer, you do not have to be the best writer. However, you need to know how to curate sentences and get your thoughts across through those sentences.

Work on improving your writing by continually practicing and honing your craft. Start your own blog and work there. This helps you become a good writer and also helps in marketing you as a freelance writer. A blog increases your credibility as a professional writer.

You can also practice by reading. It will help you by improving your vocabulary and general knowledge.

Sit down at your desk and look at the keyboard, and put one word after the other until the whole article is done. Do this more often and practice writing as much as you can, familiarize yourself with the kind of work you want to take up and be good at it. It’s that easy.

Have a portfolio of your work

Most clients will ask to see some of your work, samples of published work. Unless you have a blog, you won’t have published work.

Have samples and upload them on Medium or even WordPress. You can create a portfolio by guest posting, look for blogs that accept guest writers. Getting posted on their blog means you will have a sample to show to prospects by providing a link.

Look for and start pitching to jobs

Actively search for freelance writing jobs online from sites like Problogger and Freelance Writing Jobs. Always be punctual and be among the few to apply for the job and ensure that your pitch stands out.

Try spending a lot of your time pitching and trying to get new work and clients.

Show your credibility by landing guest posts and testimonials.

Get testimonials from clients

As a freelance writer, you need to improve credibility and convince your prospective clients that you are just the right person for the job.

Ask happy clients to write reviews of their satisfaction with your work. Use their names and, if possible, photos in your site for credibility. Just ensure to get explicit consent before having their information out in public. Commit yourself to build your reputation and establish a stable business.


The goal here is to find clients who are interested in working with you. If you are new in the business, then businesses or even magazines do not have the slightest idea that you also exist.

This, therefore, means you need to get your name out on the market by marketing yourself. There exist many ways through which you can market yourself.

Network on social media, sign up on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Follow other writers and businesses you would like to work with. Try landing a guest post opportunity, and this will get you an author bio, which will have a link leading back to your blog, website, or social media profiles.

Be flexible

Do not restrict yourself to one type of writing. The market is full of a variety of jobs that needs you as a freelance writer to be flexible and accommodative. Practice writing all kinds of articles, try out press releases, proposals, projects, digital ads, emails, social media content, and many other types of writings.

Allow your career as a freelance writer to shift with the market. This will help you stay relevant.

Be persistent

Be ready to weather numerous storms if you are seeking success. It will take you quite some time and effort to build a career in freelance writing. In the beginning, you are bound to receive some “no’s” from prospective clients, but that should not stop you from pursuing your career.

Even if it takes a while, those who never give up are the ones who succeed. Focus on your victories, and avoid losses. Have a positive mindset. Expect the unexpected always and know that working for yourself can be strange and sometimes even a dangerous world.

A freelance career as a writer is not an easy task. It requires a strong-willed personality to build a career in a crowded marketplace. For mothers, it even gets trickier due to the many other responsibilities. The desire to maintain a high standard of living should be motivation enough to get you moving. Be dedicated, have boundless curiosity, and be insensitive to rejection. See rejection as a chance to work and horn your writing skills.

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