Work from Home: 10 Tools To Improve Your Productivity

You might have probably considered yourself a person who works from home. To many people, they feel that you are a lazy person or even more disapproving, someone who is very unproductive. But that is far from the truth. Yes, you can be easily distracted by things such as social media, while working from the comfort of your home. Some days, you wake up with the mindset of being productive, but end up doing nothing. 

This is where productivity tools come into play. Productivity tools not only help to make you productive but also improve the quality of your work, increase your clientele satisfaction, and help you develop the positive habits that improve efficiency. There are so many apps that can enhance productivity.

But these ten tools will help you the most to boost your productivity when working from home.


This is one of the best productivity tools today. It helps you to plan out and prioritize your tasks properly. In other words, you complete tasks in good time. Accessing your necessary files from any location is possible due to cloud storage. It comes with a web browser for quick internet surfing. The browser enables you to take screenshots with the clipper extension feature. You can get it for free or get more features with a premium subscription. is a time management tool. It helps to greatly improve your work efficiency by telling you the amount of time spent precisely on projects. It is a great Toggl app alternative to use. With the Timenotes time management app, you can use some features. This includes knowing how much time you spent on projects, how your team members spend time on projects, and it synchronizes seamlessly with project management tools such as Asana and Trello.


This is one of the best file-sharing and cloud storage tools. It is very easy to install and use to carry out your tasks while at home efficiently. You can store and share files in any format with other colleagues using this tool. You can back up your important files and access them on-the-go with the cloud storage feature. This tool can be downloaded for free, but you get more storage space and other specific features when you pay for a premium plan.


This productivity tool is an excellent way of communicating in real-time over the internet with your team members and clients with ease. Slack comes with great features such as personal and group chatting, video chatting, inbuilt mobile calls, and screen share. It also helps to manage projects with the storage and syncing of files across other tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. The free version is OK, but you get to access more features with a premium subscription. 


This tool is great at prioritizing and getting your tasks done. It enables people to set goals daily and rewards them with points for achieving them. It also cut down points for goals that are not met at the end of the day. This point tally system motivates professionals working from home to attain set goals consistently. Other features include a goal management feature, a reminder about important times and dates, and other menial tasks to be done. 

The free version is adequate, but features like syncing with Dropbox are not available.


Created by David Barrett in 2008, this has become one of the most popularly used tools for work from home professionals. It helps in the proper management and organization of expenses. These expenses are done in digital versions and synced across a good number of platforms for easy processing. This is great when dealing with car hiring platforms such as Lyft and Uber. It also helps in making your tax returns process easy. 

Expensify can be downloaded free. However, you get access to advanced features with a premium subscription. 


This tool is important in this modern world of the internet. A lot of writing gets done over the internet through social media posts, sending emails, copywriting, and so on. It is a great writing aid as you type, alerting you about any grammar errors. Thus, your writing quality is enhanced and perfected. This tool comes with free and premium versions. 


Staying connected with clients is essential. This tool helps to achieve this with relative ease. You get to call clients for free and also communicate with team members via seamless video teleconference. So, you can cut down on calling expenses. This app is free, but you can access advanced features with a premium package. 

Stay focused

This tool helps you to cut down the time spent on accessing apps that are classified as “time wasters.” This includes social media channels and websites. It also helps in tracking your daily progress and the amount of time you spend on projects as well as screen time.

The application is available for free and is compatible with Android devices. However, you can access more functions with the premium package.


Zendesk is a great customer interaction tool. It helps you to communicate with your customer base via real-time chats, email messages, social media updates, as well as phone calls. You can also know customer satisfaction ratings and feedback. Thus, you come out as a reliable and professional individual. 


Working from home gives you so much flexibility and freedom to do as you please. But, putting in a productive shift can be difficult. To tackle this, you can make use of some productivity tools. They can help you create a productive working environment. As a result, you enjoy all the benefits of being a professional working from home.

Do you have any other tools that help to increase productivity while working from home? Feel free to drop a comment below. We will be glad to hear from you.

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